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Toffee and More

These chocolates have been popular with our customers ever since we started making chocolates.   This section includes toffee,  chocolate barks, cookies covered in chocolate and peanut butter crisp and cups.

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Nuts and Caramels

Do you love Nuts and Caramel?

  This section includes Pecan Clusters, Almond Clusters, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Rocky Road Clusters and Salted Caramels

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Our Chocolate Truffles are the best because they are made completely by hand. Hand-rolled and hand-dipped are slower to make, but boy…are they good! We make13 All Natural Flavors to choose from.

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Seasonal Chocolates

There’s usually a Chocolate Holiday right around the corner…checkout this page and don’t miss out.

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Boxes of Chocolate

Want a box of chocolate? You’ve come to the right place.

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Vegan Chocolates

Our Vegan Chocolate selection is made for people who do not want any dairy products in their chocolates.

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Handcrafted Chocolate Bars

View all 14 Flavors

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Bags of Chocolate

Want a just a snack? These bags are the size that we sell all year long in local Humblot stores, 11 flavors to choose from.

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Retail Locations

Do you want a fast snack and live in Humboldt…here’s where you can find our Chocolates.

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