Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Drakes’ Chocolates

Do you use fair trade chocolate that is organic and Non-Gmo?

Yes, and so is the coffee and green tea

Is the chocolate gluten free?

Our chocolate is naturally gluten-free; however, our chocolates are made in a kitchen where we use the following items: cookies (wheat product) peanuts, tree nuts, milk and butter (dairy) in other chocolates that we make.

Are your chocolates organic and natural?

We try to make the best chocolates possible for our customers, but we are not certified organic. However, we are certified to use organic products with the state of California. 

The chocolate we use is grown on small family farms without additives. The Cacao beans are fermented and dried naturally. The chocolate is also tested and certified to have no GMO’s in their ingredients.

Do you make the chocolate from the bean?

We make all of our products from chocolate we buy from the Guittard family, located in California. They have been making chocolate since 1868.  The Guittard Chocolate Company is committed to the protection of the rain forest, and in the improvement of the environment and the communities where chocolate is grown. Please visit their website for more information: http://www.guittard.com/bean-to-bar

Do you make sugar-free chocolate?

Sorry, but we do not make sugar-free chocolates due to the additives in sugar-free products. However, our 72% cacao chocolate has very little sugar.

Do you ship chocolate outside the USA?

Currently, we only ship to USA zip codes, if you are outside of the continental US, but have a US zip code, we will ship to you.

How long will my chocolate keep if I don't eat it right away, and how should my chocolates be stored?

Chocolate tastes best when it’s fresh. This is why we make our chocolates when you place your order. Chocolate can pick up flavors from other items they are stored with, even other chocolate candies. Our chocolates are good for up to 3 months, but they will taste best if eaten within the first few weeks. Chocolate should be kept between 65 and 72 degrees for the best taste.

What or who is Royal Cookie Capers?

Royal Cookie Capers is the legal name of our company. Which is a Vegan Bakery, we sell cookie, dessert breads and cakes to stores in our area and also have a website. Please check it out some time.

What is the Payment and Shipping policy?

We usually ship using US Priority mail. This helps the chocolate to get to you safely even in hot weather. We are located in California, so you should have your chocolate 2 or 3 days after it’s shipped. We will email you when the order has been shipped. We do not take responsibility for chocolate that is left in a hot mail box or something of that sort. However, we send chocolate successfully through the year, even during the summer.

What are the Secure Ordering & Payment Options?

We process all of our orders through PayPal who we believe to be the best option when it comes to protecting your security. If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s no problem because they can process the payment with any credit card.

What is your Return & Refund policy?

We do not allow returns on chocolate products. However, we do guarantee your satisfaction. We have been making chocolates since 1999 and no one has returned their chocolate yet. We strive to make you a happy chocolate customer.

If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase or there was a problem with delivery please let us know, and we will work with you to correct the problem with your order.

How Do I Place an Order?

You can place an order online or you can call us during our business hours to talk to one of our chocolatiers who can answer your questions. Our business hours are from 7 am till 1 pm Pacific time.

Drakes' Chocolates is owned by Royal Cookie Capers.

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