The Uniqueness of Hand-made Chocolates

Why Our Chocolates Are So Unique

After the chocolate is processed it can be used to make chocolate candies and this is where the magic happens. Like most chocolatiers, Drakes’ doesn’t make chocolate right from the bean. However, we do get our chocolate from a local California bean the bar manufacture who buys their cacao from small family farms (fair trade and all natural with no GMO’s). Chocolate can be stored for up to 18 months, but we like our customers to have fresh chocolate so we never refrigerate or freeze our chocolates like most companies.

Starting with Chocolate

The process of making chocolate candies may sound simple, but chocolatiers must come up with their own special recipes which means using the right mixture of ingredients to the right chocolate flavor. Drakes’ has been making chocolates since 1999 and during this time we have seen flavor trends rise and fall. While most chocolate lovers enjoy chocolate bars and chocolate truffles, sometimes new flavors need to be added or deleted to appeal to customers.

The crew finds this very sad when flavors are deleted, but they are always looking for new flavors combinations that customers will enjoy. Items with caramels and peanut butter have been very popular for the last few years, as are truffles. It’s hard to tell how long a trend will last, but we are ready for the challenge, and always looking for new recipes.

Steps For Making Chocolate Confections

  • First Make the truffle ganache, caramel, toffee or center filling that will be used for the candy.
  • Then melt and temper chocolate
    get inclusion ready for chocolate (weigh, roll into balls etc.)
  • Dip (enrobe) confection item by hand or fill a mold with chocolate and confection center.
  • Cool chocolate correctly so the chocolates becomes hard and shiny
  • Wrap and package for customers

The next step is to get our wonderful chocolate to our customers.

Did you know that most chocolate companies freeze or but their chocolates in very cold storage? 

That’s why we ship our chocolates directly or deliver them to the store ourselves. We know the taste is different when chocolates are stored this way and we want the best tasting products for our customers.

All of our chocolates are made in small batches to ensure freshness for our customers.

We hope you will try and enjoy our chocolates created… just you.

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