Where Do Chocolate Beans Come From?
Chocolate…it all starts with Cacao Trees
Cacao trees are grow all over the world, but only in the equatorial regions. The Cacao used in our multi-origin bars can come from the following areas depending on the year and the quality of the cacao: South America, Central America, West Africa, Caribbean, and the South Pacific, while our single sourced chocolate bars come from just one area.

The finest cacao beans are used for our single origin bars, but the taste can change from year to year just like fine wine because it all depends on the sun and the rain.  Our multi-origin bars are made with a mixture of cacao that is mixed for flavor, so it will impart the same flavor profile each time. Is one type of chocolate better than the other? Not really. It just depends on your one taste preference.  All of our chocolate is ethically sourced and grown on small family farms.

Growing Cacao
Most Cacao is grown on small family farms and harvested year-round to ensure that each cacao pod is allowed to reach optimal ripeness before being picked. The farmers then open the pods to take out the beans, which are covered in a white, very sweet pulp.

When the beans are completely dry, they are ready to be bagged and shipped. When the beans arrive they must be carefully inspected. Bad beans and debris must be removed before the cacao beans are made into chocolate.

Once the beans are removed, farmers ferment the beans by covering them with banana leaves for an average period of three to five days. Careful fermentation is very important in developing the flavor characteristics of each chocolate.

After the fermentation is complete, the farmer then spreads the beans out to dry naturally in the sunlight.  Drying the cacao beans in natural sunlight enhances the chocolate flavor. 


“The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and Shakespeare. Neither knew chocolate. ” Sandra Boynton

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